"They were good leaders and listeners, always taking into consideration what we wanted. They developed insightful questions to guide our planning, which turned out great."

- Gerri Combs, Executive Director, Southern Arts Federation

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Featured Case Study: America's WETLAND

As our world has moved into the information age, technology has allowed us to live our lives at previously unimagined levels of convenience and speed. At the same time, however, technology's burgeoning influence and the increased pace have emphasized the importance of the environment and the realization that the natural resources and natural beauty that we now enjoy could disappear forever if nothing is done.

This realization has inspired us at Marmillion + Company to produce public education campaigns and strategic communications plans for environmental groups on behalf of governments and corporations dealing with environmental concerns. Our campaigns have dealt with issues ranging from sustainable growth to wetland restoration. These complex issues are difficult to simplify for the public, but MCo has been able to do just that through branding, message creation and effective media strategies.