Framing A National Story

President Obama addressed the nation this week to discuss the tragic Gulf of Mexico oil spill. His multi-faceted speech included a pledge to make restoring the Gulf Coast a national priority - a plea the America’s WETLAND Foundation had been making for years.

To ensure this pledge was not lost among the myriad points made by Obama, MCo reached out to reporters with commentary designed to frame coastal restoration as the center of the story.

Excerpts from the Associated Press story are below, click here for the full article.

Gulf Coast welcomes Obama's pledge to restore land


NEW ORLEANS — After 50 years of watching wetlands created by the fertile Mississippi River turn into open water, Louisiana residents finally got what they'd long awaited: A U.S. president saying he'll fight to save what little is left along their eroding coast.

Though details were vague, President Barack Obama's pledge to restore the Gulf Coast's degraded coastline has multibillion-dollar implications for the region's culture and economy and could preserve wildlife endangered by the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

…"For us coastal Louisiana is on life support, and it will take more than a cleanup for it to survive," said Val Marmillion, a founder of the America's WETLAND campaign, an initiative to persuade the U.S. government to use more offshore drilling royalty taxes to shore up the coast.

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