Val Marmillion, president of Marmillion + Company (MCo), was recently asked by OurBlook.com about his social media strategy and more broadly, how social media is changing communications. We hope you find his responses interesting, informative, and insightful. Please click here to read the full interview. An update on our most recent projects can be found below.

Marmillion + Company Strategic Communications

Fighting for a Sustainable Gulf Coast

MCo recently managed the successful convening of industry, environment, navigation, academic, and community leaders around Gulf Coast sustainability issues. These groups released a joint resolution on the results.

Engaging the Grassroots

MCo developed and executed rally-style concerts and flotillas in South Louisiana to commemorate this year's hurricane season. The events engaged thousands across the state and resulted in over 280 stories gaining 108 million impressions!

Creating Imaginative Positioning Strategies for Non-Profits

MCo is working with the largest children’s museum in the world on their brand strategy development campaign rollout emphasizing innovative, user-directed “extraordinary learning family” (XLF) missions. MCo is also developing a pro-active, long-term strategic communications plan with the Southeast Center for Education in the Arts as we have done for numerous arts and education organizations.

Producing Award-Winning Public Service Announcements

Marmillion/Gray recently won the prestigious American Association of Political Consultants Pollie Award as well as the Telly Award for creating and developing public service announcements explaining an East Baton Rouge Parish bond issue.

Mastering the Imagination

MCo’s “Mastering the Imagination” presentations featuring Val Marmillion and Richard Deasy, former director of the Arts Education Partnership, incorporate new messaging aligned with the values of the American public to help schools, arts and cultural organizations, and others communicate the importance of building skills of the imagination through the arts to all types of audiences.

Promoting Eco-Cultural Tourism

Drawing upon decades of experience in travel promotion and communications and utilizing the most current research, MCo has designed travel1green - a program to solidly position Louisiana attractions in the emerging green tourism industry. Louisiana’s natural resources and unique cultures are featured with powerful, consistent, effective images and core messages to attract travelers who want to experience eco-cultural travel.

For more than two decades, MCo has provided award-winning public relations, marketing, communications, social networking, strategic planning, brand development, and identity development for numerous local and national organizations, associations and businesses.

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