"Marmillion helped us develop strategies for leveraging our existing work and translating what we are about to broader consistencies. Marmillion was extremely professional and ethical and they always did more than we expected."

- Sidney Coffee, Senior Policy Advisor, America's WETLAND Foundation

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Case Study: Heroes in Our Midst
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The Challenge
The Greeting Card Association asked MCo to develop a project for promoting card sending through cause-oriented marketing. Heroes In Our Midst, a program honoring everyday heroes, encouraged the public to honor the heroes in their own lives through greeting card sending.

The Solution
Each month, the Heroes In Our Midst team traveled to a location to coordinate various events filled with touching moments and enthusiasm as local and national media recognized the hometown hero. MCo coordinated and controlled the messaging through media outreach, staffed one event per month, and provided media outlets with pre-packaged VNR and B-roll tape of the Heroes In Our Midst program to ensure coverage.

The efforts generated an outpouring of public support in the form of thousands of greeting cards, expressing thanks and appreciation for the location hero’s efforts, in addition to fostering the personal connections and emotional sharing often association with greeting cards. Each event and location garnered publicity and media attention.

Services Provided:

  • Ad development/placement
  • Campaign development
  • Coalition building
  • Design and branding
  • Exhibits
  • Grassroots organizing
  • Materials creation
  • Media Relations
  • Promotion and publicity
  • Special events
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Video/audio production

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